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The Holiday Season is Here. Are You and Your Garage Ready?

The Holiday Season is Here. Are You and Your Garage Ready?

The Holiday Season is Here. Are You and Your Garage Ready? - Image 1


The calendar has rolled over to December.  It's the last month of the year.  Holiday living is in full swing, the weather is changing, and a new year is on the horizon.


Are you ready? I mean really ready?? Or are you just familiar with the grind you endure when the daylight dwindles and the snow flies?


You might ask yourself…”self, how can I be really ready for this winter season?”


I can certainly help you think through a few things!


Protect Against the Seasonal Weather


First, I would ask if your garage or basement concrete is ready for the abuse the winter IS going to bring?  Concrete, in many ways, is a living and breathing thing.  It is affected by cold and moisture especially when the mercury plummets.  If you have cracking or pitting and spalling you need to fix this.  It's NEVER going to get better on its own and it will get worse until you fix it.  Don't forget about the muck and the grime that will pool on your garage floor and eat away at the concrete.


Have Enough Space to Store Everything


Second, I would ask if you have enough storage for all of your stuff?  In most homes the answer is no.  Sure, some folks are getting by with a makeshift shelf or a second hand cabinet.  But those things are not really doing their job.  Do you dread getting the holiday decorations out or even finding a home for them at the end of the season?  Be honest, that stuff never goes back exactly the same way.  And if you're anything like the majority of us you always have to fight the rest of the stuff that just lives somehow perpetually in your way.


Leverage That Space for Something Special


Last, I'll ask if you have ever wanted a special space in your home?  What kind of space? You name it!  A workshop, a hobby area, a multi-purpose room for the kids, or even just that extra space to be able to entertain in for your annual holiday party.  Again this is something that most people have always just “made do” with an as-is space that never really does the job.


There are so many things to occupy your time and energy it's easy to be robbed of the joy and excitement this final season of the year has to offer.  Nobody wants that, and Hello Garage of South Pittsburgh is no exception.  We want you to enjoy your family, your friends, loved ones, and all this season has to offer.


Don’t let the weather get the best of you. Don't fight the storage battle every few months. Protect your home against the steady deterioration and make that living space a reality!  It is like getting your family a present that gives back all year.

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